The Angel Takes Flight (Original)

The Angel Company was within the family of twin pushers. Their aircraft was not a 3-surface, nor was it a composite, but their product shared in one common thought. GA needs someone to manufacture a new twin for the market. The Angel like the twin X lived up to its expectations and was in fact an excellent performing prototype. On Friday the 13th, 1984, Adrenalin was high when the Angel took her first flight. A few years later, the company started certification. A family team, now faced with the big weather ahead, started FAA certification. Carol, and son, Evan, 37, are presently flying their prototype proof of concept aircraft from their home base in Orange City, Iowa. They are on a mission of God, spreading the gospel and doing so on the wings of their own Angel.

To interested companies across the U.S., Evan explained that strong interests are already coming in from New Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Alaska is a market that will gain respect for the Angel's rough field and over mountain at night qualities. Hopefully, the rest will come easier. The company hopes to start production this year with a goal of 18 aircraft per year. The price tag on the Angel IFR equipped, is targeted at $640,000. For a time, Air Frame time engines, this aircraft should look extremely interesting to freight haulers around the globe. A freight company could purchase four of these twins and simultaneously go in four different directions for the price of one new Cessna.

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