Lightspeed Headset (Original)

Since ANR headsets were first introduced into the aviation industry in the mid 1980's there have been some concerns as to value versus price. The Bose ANR headsets came along in 1989 priced at a $1000 average selling price. For those who have been waiting for a headset with the same spectacular noise reduction ability with even greater comfort, much lighter weight and less than half the price you have to try the new lightspeed headsets. Priced at $439.00 here is a truly impressive product that once you try it you will be amazed at the difference. Lightspeed also offers an economy model 15K priced at $299 that will compare favorably with any of the $600 AR sets that are on the market today. Coming soon in March or April Lightspeed will be introducung their new 25K headset. This new performer will be unmatched on the market. Features include 28-29dB active noise cancellation.

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